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CRH Customs AK Chest Rig - 5 Cell - Ranger Green


The CRH Customs 5 Cell AK Chest Rig with Adjustable Bungee Cord Magazine Retention is made from high-strength fabric for serious usage. Developed after experiencing shortcomings of other chest rigs in various AK training courses, this chest rig carries up to 5 magazines (1 per cell), allowing the user a lower profile while in the prone firing position. Magazine retention is in the form of adjustable bungee cords with tabs for a secure retention but ease-of-use for quick reloads.

Rather than using a traditional H-Harness, this chest rig features a harness made from shock cord, allowing the user to fine-tune fitment to their body type. The chest rig also features a large hook & loop fastener for a secure attachment to compatible plate carriers. The center cell features a hook & loop fastener on the outside to allow users to place morale patches. Just behind the magazine cells is a pouch to store your map or other paperwork.

Due to the adjustable bungee cord magazine retention, this rig is compatible with AK magazines up to RPK74 magazines, including AR15 magazines up to Magpul 40 round PMAGs.

Made in the USA by Zulu Nylon Gear.