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CRH Customs 2-Bolt Folding Triangle Stock Combo - Galil Style Hinge - Fixed Stock AKM


Right side fold does interfere with charging handle cycling.

The components in this combo come pre-installed and come with all required mounting hardware. All you need to do is install it on your rifle. It is compatible with with standard European spec AKM rifles. The components are as follows:

CRH Customs AK 2 Bolt Adapter – Fixed Stock AKM

The CRH Customs 2-Bolt Adapter makes it possible to use popular 10-32 bolt-on stock on your fixed stock AKM rifle. This adapter features 3 rows of 10-32 compatible holes to allow for user height adjustment. Also compatible with CRH Customs and Stormwerkz hinges for folding capabilities. Compatible with standard European spec AKM rifles. Made in the USA from aircraft grade aluminum which is then hardcoat anodized.

CRH Customs Galil Style 2-Bolt Folding Stock Hinge

The CRH Customs Galil Style 2-Bolt Folding Stock Hinge allows folding capability for usage with your 10-32 2-bolt stocks. This hinge bolts onto any standard 10-32 2-bolt block such as ACE, Krebs Custom and Stormwerkz. Includes all necessary mounting hardware.

CRH Customs AK 2-Bolt Triangle Stock – 8.5″

The CRH Customs 2-Bolt Triangle Stock – 8.5″ was made specifically for usage with 10-32 side folding adapters. This stock is milled from billet 6061 aluminum and has an anodized finish. Uses standard 10-32 hardware and can be bolted onto any compatible hinge or adapter such as Stormwerkz, ACE or Krebs. The length of the stock is 8.5″ and weight is 15.8oz.

100% made in the USA and is considered one 922(r) compliant part.

Instructions for Folding Stock Combination


Thank you for purchasing our product!  We wanted to go over a few helpful tips to give you great service with our product.

The hardware was assembled without a threadlocker.  Eventually the vibration will cause the hardware to loosen.  We recommend starting with a blue threadlocker first and if that doesn’t hold go with a red permanent threadlocker.

The spring is super stiff for a reason.  The stiffer the spring the less play you will get but it is not easy to open and close.  We recommend putting one drop of oil on the spring and working the action several times.  The more use the easier it will get.  Please note that with this hinge you must push/pull to both fold the stock and unfold the stock. This is mandatory for proper function of the hinge.  Please do not force the stock and hinge to close into the fixed position.  Doing so will void the warranty.  If you close the stock without doing the push/pull you will stress the wings on the hinge to eventually chip of even break.  Unfortunately, this is common with the Galil style hinges.

If you have any questions regarding the functionality, please contact